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Why a Pre-Employment Medical is Important

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When you apply for work and you get accepted, employers might require you getting a pre employment medical. No matter what industry you are in or what kind of work you are getting into, companies require their newly hired staff before they can officially start working. Every worker must go through this, regardless of position or rank.

Now, why do companies require a medical before workers can begin to work? What is the importance of a pre employment medical?

Before we can answer these questions, let us first understand what a pre-employment medical is and what it entails. This medical examination is a health check-up that the company pays for, which will help ensure that you are fit to work in the business.

This employment medical will also determine if you have any underlying ailments that the company should know about or injuries that you may have suffered in the past. This will help the company assess whether or not you can perform the required tasks without risking your wellbeing. This will also help the company assess and measure disability claims and workers’ compensations in the future.

What to Expect from a Pre-Employment Medical

Pre employment medical procedures are often pretty standard when it comes to office work. There are some businesses however that require specialized tests to further ensure that the employee is fit for the job they are entering.

Some of the tests that you can expect from your medical when you are starting a new job include:

  • Eye tests – Ophthalmological tests are a requirement by many companies. This is to help reduce errors that employees may make due to eyesight problems. If problems are detected, the doctor might suggest corrective measures, such as wearing contact lenses, eyeglasses, and even surgery, before the workers can start with their job.
  • Hearing tests – This is necessary in industries where hearing and listening is imperative. Audiometry, as this test is sometimes called, is often performed on each individual ear to determine the level of hearing or the lack thereof of each individual. Similar to the eye tests, doctors can recommend corrective measures and remedies if they can detect hearing problems.
  • Physical examination – Doctors implement this battery of tests such as the checking of your blood pressure, your weight, cardiac health, abdominal health, respiratory health, and even digestive health. They also check your musculoskeletal system to ensure that you are fit for work.

Other exams you might be subjected to include those that determine lung health, reproductive health, and the health of your nervous system. You might even find yourself undergoing drug tests to ensure you are drug-free.

The reason why these pre-employment medical tests are performed is for the benefit of both the employee and the company. It benefits the employee because it details the ailments and health problems that they may already have. Ultimately, they can use this data to determine if a person needs to move on to another position better suited to their current health conditions.

It also benefits the company because it helps them position employees in areas where they can be of greater use without compromising their health. This can lead to better productivity and happier employees who are in relatively good health.

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